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Hand carved Welsh slate, stone & wood

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Our Prices

We will price up each commission individually, based on the type and size of stone/wood, number of letters and any motifs or decorations to be carved. Our work is reasonably priced and we can advice you in what we can offer to meet your budget. Our prices page gives some examples to give you an idea of the costs involved. 


Cut polished slate plaques cost £27 per square foot for a thin plaque at 15mm and £35 per sq foot at 25mm thick. An averaged size 300mm x 150mm x 15mm house name plaque for example would cost £13.50. Rustic, naturally shaped pieces range in price depending on their size and whether any surfaces need to be machine cut.

Letter carving

We charge a standard rate of £3.50 per letter for hand cut lettering. This is inclusive of layout design. For commissions with a very small number of characters, such as house number signs, we have a minimum charge of £15.

Decoration, Relief carving, Motifs

Our decorative carving ranges in price from £20 for a small line carved motif on a house name plaque to £200 for a large relief carving on a celebratory gift, for example. We price carving work based on the time it takes, 3D sculptural relief carving takes longer than a simple line carved shape for example.


Delivery costs depend on the size and weight of your commission and your location. A house name plaque sent by courier for example would be around £6 - £8. A larger commission or sculpture which needed to be sent by pallet would be in the region of £60.


Here are some examples of typical costs for a commission. Please note that we will quote for each commission based on your requirement, so the below is just to give you an idea. 

1. Simple House number plaque

  • Cut polished slate plaque 150mm x 150mm x 25mm = £8.75
  • Minimum charge for letter carving = £15
  • Total = £23.75 plus p&p 

2. Rustic House Name sign with base and relief carving

  • Rustic slate upright 600mm x 400 x 75 = £75
  • Slate base and fixings = £30
  • Letter carving x 10 letters = £35
  • Small relief carving = £50
  • Total = £190 plus p&p
3. Large celebratory plaque with poem and line carving
  • Cut polished slate plaque 300mm x 600mm x 25mm = £70
  • Fixings for large plaque = £20
  • Letter carving x 40 letters = £140
  • Small line carving = £20
  • Total = £250 plus p&p
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